Make your systems work for you!

Assisting Entrepreneurs
To Organize Chaos. 
 As an entrepreneur, you organize chaos, and transform it into a venture that brings value. We want to use our skillset to assist you in building the excellent organization you’ve been working hard to create. 


Streamlining your processes and communication for a new level of functionality.


Maintaining your digital tools, documents, and back-office.


Prioritizing and developing system upgrades for each stage of expansion.

Development & Marketing

Solving key issues, and implementing the next pieces for expansion.

Processes & Bookkeeping

A systematized  back-office for improved reporting and visibility.

Web Design & Cloud Suite

Tools to run everything, and security to keep your data to yourself.

Graphics, Print & Apparel

Visuals that draw in your audience and build your reputation. 

Our approach

Admin Designer is about coming alongside to craft both the supporting and forward-moving pieces. To this end, we believe that character and wisdom are paramount to prioritizing what is truly valuable, and carrying our convictions well.  

We desire excellence, tempered by the knowledge that a perfectly executed organization will never be worth more than the people that it serves, and those who are part of it.  

Our work is to assist you in bringing resources and skills to the task to turn the chaotic mess of weeds into an organized, productive, and beautiful garden.

We may be a good fit… 

We believe that a good fit is key to a good working relationship. Send us a quick note so we can get to know you better.   

You need a systems creator.

If something isn’t working it’s possible you need is a systems creator. We love optimizing old systems and creating new ones and would be happy to fix what’s not working so you can keep everything running smoothly. 

You've reached a growth-ceiling in your organization.

You’re realizing that to reach the next level of growth you have to get some things in order! Whether you’re a sole-operator or a team of 30. Each stage of growth requires different administrative tools and focus for an effective team. 

You're just getting started up.

If you’re just getting a business or non-profit off the ground, we can walk you through the steps to get all of the pieces in place. From choosing a name and setting up a corporation, to marketing and branding, we’re ready to assist.  

You want to setup your organization to run on its own.

Your desire is to shift your focus to more than just your business. We want to help you navigate the transition and set up your business to operate well even when you’re not there (yes, it is possible). 

You realize you need focused time on higher-level projects.

You’re doing a lot, but is all that you’re doing actually 100% necessary to accomplish your goals? With the right systems, tools and strategy, it’s often possible to greatly slim-down your work-load. Let us help you off-load, delete, and re-focus the pieces that carry the good work that you do. 

Packages we’d like to recommend

Branding Package

Communicate clearly and quickly with a complete brand package that not only looks amazing, but actually builds your reputation on every project you execute. Because you and your team change, brands change — don’t be afraid of this. Just dive right in and put clear messaging and visuals to work for you.   

Starting at:


More Details
        • Logo design, with light/dark, iconograph, and word-mark versions.
        • Social banners for the platforms of your choice.
        • Premium Business cards designed and printed. 
        • Website design or re-fresh with your new visuals.
        • Style-guide with your colours, fonts, and graphics.
        • Email signatures for you and your team. 
        • Print or digital ad layout such as social ad, or mail-out leaflet

***Add or remove any items for a custom package, or ask for our flexible retainer, so you can get started at a price-point that works for you.

Customized Bookkeeping Package 

We offer a full bookkeeping and payroll package. Enjoy a high-quality service that handles the financial data in your back-office. Ask us about syncing your selling platforms, and integrating with your project management software so everything is in one place. 

Starting at:


More Details
    • Data entry.
    • Bank reconciliation.
    • Monthly reports emailed to you.
    • Quarterly virtual meeting to review your books.
    • GST preparation and remittances.
    • Payroll remittances.
    • Corporate taxes. 
    • Payroll service via cheque, e-transfer, or direct deposit.
    • Cashflow planning and management.
    • Budget preparation and management.
    • Payment gateway on your website.
    • Financial Procedures & Policies.

    ***Add or remove any items for a custom package, or ask for our flexible retainer, so you can get started at a price-point that works for you.

90-Day Optimization

Allow us to assist you to revamp and optimize your internal and front-facing Process. We help identify critical issues, and implement changes that can have a huge impact on your team’s effectiveness. Make your systems work for you. 

Starting at:


More Details

Price varies by company size, needs, and complexity. Services may include:

      • Processes review (internal and external).
      • Policies and Procedures standardization and central access.
      • Staff onboarding and training plan.
      • Backup and data storage and retention plan. 
      • Individual team-member workflow review and training.
      • Communication policy, platforms, escalation, and approvals process.
      • Software stack, integrations, and training plan. 
      • Prioritized operational issues resolution. 
      • Sales process, policy, contracts, proposals, and CRM automation.  

      ***Add or remove any items for a custom package, or ask for our flexible retainer, so you can get started at a price-point that works for you.

How It Works

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Accept our Proposal

We will send you a proposal detailing the solutions we discussed with you. You accept the proposal by signing the Service Agreement and making your first payment so we can get started! 

Solve the Puzzle

We set to work to deliver on all that we’ve agreed to. We communicate with you and work with you to bring your organization to the next level of productivity.  

A few of the possibilities


 Process execution standardized and communicated.


Integration of teams and software for a cohesive execution. 


Extended support hours, keeping you up-and-running.


Internal info

Centralized information, made available to your team and stake-holders. 


Set clear expectations and collect all necessary information the first time.


Revamp your booking and scheduling software.



Contracts, warranties, waivers, terms of service, and form templates.

Integrate CRM

Customer Relationship Management setup and integrated.

Email hosting

Email hosting and management. Learn how to do email better.

Print Marketing

Full service graphics and print connected to your custom landing pages.

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